A stranger to the world of literature, Victor takes you by the hand, propelling you through almost a century of amazing progress in aviation history. Coming from modest beginnings in his native England, his zest for adventure and desire to make his mark has led him to become a truly transatlantic man. Early years in war-torn Britain were followed by flight training at the legendary Croydon Aerodrome.

Never being afraid of life changing alternatives, he emigrated to the USA, where he spent years building his flying experience in general aviation. This time was mostly spent crop-dusting in open cockpit biplanes, before being hired by TWA, the glamourous airline and at that time one of big four inĀ  the USA. He climbed the seniority ladder, first as a flight engineer on the Lockheed Constellation, rising to Captain on the Lockheed Tristar and Boeing 747.

After spending almost thirty years with TWA he foresaw the eventual demise of this once great airline and flew variously for Air Lanka, Saudi Arabian, finally in charge of a private 747SP for the president of Kazakhstan then the sultan of Brunei’s family.

He is captivated by the romance of flight in all its different forms, has a passion for foreign languages, martial arts and travel, especially to China and Russia. These two countries have been in his purview all his life, they are a constant source of world political intrigue.