Victor Collin was born before WWII, grew up during the war in England and was greatly influenced by watching the Battle of Britain first hand.

Upon completion of his education at Colfe’s School, he did his two years of National Service in the R.A.F. During the next four years, he used his spare time and money to enroll in Jim Russell’s Racing Driver’s School and to learn to fly at Croydon Aerodrome.

Emigration to the U.S.A. followed, where he gained his Commercial Pilot’s License, doing mostly crop-dusting in open-cockpit biplanes for three years, before being hired by T.W.A. He spent nearly thirty years with T.W.A., ending his career as Captain on the Lockheed 1011 and the Boeing 747. Foreseeing the demise of T.W.A., he flew in command of L-1011’s for two years with Air Lanka in Sri Lanka, with B-747’s on a HAJJ contract in Saudi Arabia and finally in charge of a private 747SP, first for the President of Kazakhstan, then for the Sultan of Brunei’s family.

He is captivated with the romance of flight in all its different forms, has a passion for foreign languages, martial arts and travel, especially to China and Russia. These two countries have been in his purview all his life, they are a constant source of world political intrigue.